Edward Atkin, Data Engineer


Passionate data engineer with a lifelong interest in digital development and problem-solving through code. Proficient in web development, data science, and game development. Recent graduate from Le Wagon's intensive Data Science and AI Bootcamp. My background in brewing, including the development of award-winning beers, showcases my dedication to precision and innovation. Committed to a career in data engineering, automating and optimising data pipelines and systems.

Professional Experience

Head Brewer, Matlock Brewing Company Ltd

April 2015-present

  • Oversee all aspects of brewing production, from recipe development to production
  • Developed 3 award-winning recipes, including Reverence, an extra special bitter brewer with heritage barley Chevallier
  • Manage market stalls and events, acting as a brand ambassador

Development Team Lead, Date & Game

April 2021-May 2023

  • Designed and developed games for a small startup company
  • Created robust, modular systems that formed the foundation for various online multiplayer games
  • Collaborated with artists, game designers and app developers to ship 6 games
  • Mentored and supported new developers


Data Science, Le Wagon

April 2023-October 2023 | Remote

  • Part-time coding bootcamp focussing on Python, SQL, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and MLOps
  • Gained practical experience through development of individual and group projects

BSci Mathematical Physics, University of Nottingham

September 2011-July 2015

Technical Skills

Programming Languages

Python, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, 6502 Assembly

Data Science and Analytics

Data collection and visualisation, machine learning, ETL, statistical analysis, Apache Airflow

Tools and Technologies

Git/Github, Google Cloud Platform, Linux, Docker, Make


Reddit Sentiment Analysis

  • Collaborated in a team of 5 to create a web app that analyses the sentiment of Reddit posts in 1 month
  • Implemented automated data collection, data dashboard and service containerisation

Horse Racing Predictor

  • Solo project built from data collection right through to deployment
  • Implemented fully automated data collection and result prediction utilising Google Cloud Platform for running containerised services and Google BigQuery for database management

Coding Heaven

  • Authored Coding Heaven, a blog to share my experiences of programming and data science concepts in a fun, entertaining and accessible way

Other Minds

  • Designed and developed an open-world 2D platformer game over two years as a solo developer
  • Implemented unique mechanics allowing players to control any entity within the game
  • Worked on game design, programming, artwork, and music, showcasing diverse skills and creativity